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“New! Trendy Reseller Program”

Unlimited Clients for a Fixed Yearly Cost with Trendy Reseller Program!

Who can offer TrendyTools via Reseller Hosting?

All the major hosting companies offer reseller hosting. You can choose a reseller plan and add domains to it. We already have clients from the below hosting companies:

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Reseller Hosting Website Builder

Own a reseller hosting account? Or want to start a small hosting business?

Get your business online with our website builders and see the increase in your sales. With our easy to use website builder with built-in features and advanced technology your clients can get a professional looking website within minutes. And the good news is you can create this website without even having any technical skills. Our support team will be there 24/7 to assist you in your venture.

How does this reseller hosting plan work?

Once you signup as a reseller with TrendyTools you will get access to an account section where you can add clients. Each client will have a unique login created using which he can access the site builders from a location either on your website or ours.

How does the Pricing work?

Following is the pricing you pay per year:
$125/year – Add upto 5 Clients on selected Site Builder.
$275/year – Add upto 5 Clients and access to all Site Builders.
$49.50/Month – Unlimited Clients and access to all Site Builders.
$475/year – Unlimited Clients and access to all Site Builders.

Who can use Trendy Reseller Program?

Trendy Reseller program can be used by Web Designers, Small and Medium size businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs. You can start your web designing /webhosting business today. All you need to do is Sell Sell and Sell! With every sale increase your revenues.

How can I start my new hosting business?

STEP 1: Signup with Trendy Reseller Account.

STEP 2: Purchase a Reseller Hosting company with any hosting company. Preferably

Step3: Start adding users to your Trendy Reseller account.

Step4: Download the Trendy Tool Kit from your account and add the page on your website. This will allow your clients to login to and manage their websites.

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Trendy Reseller Program!

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